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B to Z Technologies was developed to help our customers reduce thier operating costs. Our focus at B to Z is to help our customers become more competitive in this global marketplace.

We offer a line of custom extruder filter equipment that is virtually maintainance free. These are some of the benifits of our equipment.

-no downtime change the filters on the fly
-no change in extruder pressure therefore increasing quality and performance
-able to use more recyclable material reducing your piece cost

We also offer a line of custom drill bits for the rubber sealing system industry. Our bits outperform our competition significantly, reducing your consumable costs. Our bits can also be resharpened.

If you would like a PDF Presentation on the products from B to Z Technologies, or you would like to know how these products could benifit your company please email us at


We are located in the heart of manufacturing in Ontario.

170 Kew Drive
Windsor, Ontario
N8T 1P9

Rotary Extruder Filter
Rubber Cutting Bits

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